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We're promoting the Digital Acceleration of the market by providing practical AI knowledge to individuals and companies alike. Be part of the AI Revolution.

Our Values

We believe that through Technology and Education, we can change the world. We're empowering people to improve their lives, solve problems and make the world a better place.

Our courses are free for all students. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for everyone. Knowledge is a right! 

+2,500 Students

6 Courses

20+ Classes Completed

Our Courses

Emerging technologies have proven that more than just a classroom is needed to create a skilled professional. I2A2 students receive training in emerging technologies such as advanced robotics, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence in various aspects such as natural language processing, computer vision, and data science.

They are trained through real-world problems and implementations.


More than work experience, we provide life experiences.

AI for Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Computer Vision

AI for Financial Market

AI for 

Natural Language Processing

AI for Business


Upcoming Events

  • 20 de out., 19:00 – 20:30 BRT
    Remoto - Via Zoom
    A presença da Inteligência Artificial em nossa realidade tem o poder de revolucionar a área da saúde e impulsionar uma nova era. É crucial que a compreensão e o acesso a essa tecnologia sejam democratizados, abrangendo pessoas de diversos campos de conhecimento, desde a saúde até a tecnologia.
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Be part of the AI Revolution

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✅ Recordings of our past events


I2A2 is a great place to learn about applications of Artificial Intelligence in real-life scenarios. The AI in Manufacturing course was pretty enlightening and useful. We learned the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, implemented several machine learning algorithms and learned different Natural Language Processing and Time Series algorithms for uses in manufacturing. Celso is a great and enthusiastic professor who foster the involvement of each of the students. I really recommend I2A2 courses to anyone!

Gabriel Pila

The experience of participating in this program has been transformative.

The discussion about the interdisciplinarity of this revolution and the modelling of business proposals are highlights of the program. A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in science, technology and innovation at the service of people and organizations.


Flavia Helena

"I did further training in 'Artificial Intelligence for Business' at I2A2. From which I was able to understand that from the purity of mathematics and statistics, their application as foundations of emerging technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science! At I2A2 I found the foundations of knowledge and entrepreneurship to make it happen, with application in the practice of several Artificial Intelligence Startups!"

Ricardo Jorge Carvalho Vidigal da Silva

You need a lot of dedication and discipline to take the time to learn a concept. And I2A2 ease the process by giving you the structure, the incentive, and the fun to sit down and learn. Not every day you have the opportunity to get motivated by someone who wants you to get better. Thanks I2A2.

Phillippe Beliveau

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