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Build Your AI Competency

Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gain a competitive edge. Our immersive training program equips you with the tools and insights to harness the full potential of AI in your organization.

Those who master AI now will be ready to shape the future and seize the opportunities this powerful technology will bring.

Our Courses

Want to train your team?

We offer courses and workshops both online and in-person for corporate training.

Companies that master the power of AI have a significant competitive advantage. They can identify opportunities to strategically apply AI in their business, whether through automating repetitive tasks, demand forecasting, personalized experiences, advanced data analysis or even the creation of innovative products and services.

AI has the power to solve complex problems, make intelligent decisions, and provide valuable insights, enabling you to make the best decisions to drive your organization's growth.

💻 Training is available online in English and Portuguese.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Training is available in person in Canada both in English and Portuguese.

🍁Are you a Canadian Company? 🍁

You can apply for funding with Scale AI which covers up to 50% of the costs related to customized training in AI.


Don't get left behind. 
Prepare your team for an AI-powered future.
"You need a lot of dedication and discipline to find time to learn a concept. And I2A2 makes the process easier by providing the structure, incentive, and fun when sitting down to learn. It's not every day that you have the opportunity to be motivated by someone who wants you to give your best. Thank you, I2A2."

Phillippe Beliveau

Why Us?

Since 2016

Our Team has X years of combined experience in Artificial Intelligence development, education, and business.

We have built communities, worked with multiple cultures, and developed several businesses. 

We believe that we can have an AI-powered future that is beneficial for humans. I2A2 is our contribution.

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